My name is Pat Montani and I and my wife are the founders of Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) and the Global Bicycles for Humanity Movement. Shortly after we got started, my good friend, Paul Sherwen, one of the voices of the Tour de France, who passed away in 2018, joined our movement and worked tirelessly to help us fundraise to ship more bikes to Africa. Paul understood the power of a bicycle and how it changes lives. B4H is a global grassroots movement that understands that the mobility a bicycle provides positively impacts the lives of many in a community, in the developing world. B4H has had over 50 chapters of volunteers in the developed world that collect bikes and send them to B4H partners in Africa, Mexico and Central America. Over the past 15 years. To date, B4H chapters have sent over 325,000 bicycles to Africa and other countries. We ship the bikes in containers each with 500 bikes, that are turned into bike shops (BEC) Bicycle Empowerment Centres, and we train local people to repair and maintain the bike.
We believe passionately in a grassroots model, no paid staff or overhead costs of any kind. The key to our success has been partnering with our volunteer groups in the developed world with partners and communities in the developing world. The knowledge and skills transfer from these relationships are vital to helping the people of the developing world, take the next steps on their own. I never dreamed that the initial idea of trying to solve the mobility problem of a small community of healthcare workers in Namibia would lead to a worldwide movement.

Today, we have over 400 requests from great community groups in Africa asking if they can join the program and receive a bicycle and a BEC. We simply do not have enough chapters to meet the incredible need for mobility. The more we tell the story of the people in need, the more people in the developing world step up to help. We encourage all of you to read this site to start a chapter. It’s fun, exciting and it will take your life in many exciting directions. Together we can make a difference. Start a B4H Chapter in your country or community, be a part of a global movement that is efficient, knowledgeable and focused on helping those in need of mobility globally. Our Getting Started PDF on this site will answer most of your questions and if you are still not sure, you can contact me, to gain the added information you require. Join us organize and send a BEC, Bicycle Empowerment Centre that containers about 500 bikes, or collect bikes locally and support a lot of the great organizations in your community that fix bikes and give them out to people in need.