The Movement

Bicycles for Humanity is a pure grassroots movement, it started that way and it will always be grassroots with no overhead of any kind. What brings us together is a simple belief that a bicycle can and does make a difference. Many NGOs are bound by regulations, boards, extensive management teams, and they must stay within defined or imposed boundaries, follow the rules and do what is expected. B4H allows everyone who wants to make a difference and to help change lives to do so in the way they think makes sense and how they can best add value. In short, you can be as creative as you like, spend as much time as you want and build programs, partnerships and fundraising initiatives that make sense to you. Best of all, you can build relationships with many in the developing world and by working closely with them to implement programs, you are helping transfer valuable business and entrepreneurial skills.

In 15 short years, we grew to over 50 chapters, about 30 actives at any one time, and we have established over 200 plus BEC’s and in total delivered about 325,000 bicycles to Africa. The key to our success has been telling the story of the need for bicycles in the developing world and hopefully inspiring many to join a pure movement and make a direct and meaningful difference.

Our model works, but we have run into a new set of challenges. Word of our program has spread across all of Africa and today, we have over 400 requests to join our program, by communities in need of bikes. This presents many challenges and opportunities. To scale to meet the need, and yet stay grassroots, we hope we can inspire you to join our movement and together with our partners in the developing world help us all grow together. Many in the developed world, knows groups that need bikes, we help you with every step of the process to ensure that you and your team can empower those in need. Since all bikes collected do not go to the developing world, we encourage you to reach out and partner with local groups that provide bikes to those in need in your community.

Traditionally, chapters collect and fund the bikes to the closest African port, and we relied on other groups to fund the in-country costs of trucking and taxes. This model has expanded to where chapters cover all costs when the use of the bikes is pure empowerment and very little of the cost when the developing world partner is empowering their community through a more business-like model. With 10 million bicycles landing in landfills every year, and with B4H shipping about 25,000 bikes a year, we have a long way to go especially when the need is so great. Today, we are the largest globally, and we are not even close to meeting the need. If we can grow to hundreds and then thousands of B4H, chapters that together we can help many in need with the gift of mobility, opportunity, and a better life. The following sections will provide you with greater detail of the programs. We hope you consider joining our exciting, inspiring and life-changing movement.

Organize a chapter and send a Bicycle Empowerment Centre containing 500 bikes to a community in need and help get bikes to those in your community at the same time, empowering and inspiring a lot better life.



B4H Procedure Manual