B4H Colombia



Bicycles for Humanity started in the developed world when strong community leaders started chapters, collected bikes, fundraised and managed the delivery of those bikes to a community in need. Today, with over 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres in the developing world, mostly in Africa, strong community leaders in these countries have seen the program and want it for their communities and they are prepared to work hard to make it happen. When we find strong community leaders with a solid game plan who want a better life for their country, we take them through our Globally Supported program and if they meet our high standards, we will introduce them to all in the hope that existing chapters will support them, or new groups inspired to join Bicycles for Humanity, will support these new initiatives. We believe that Colombia in South America has a very strong team and should be considered as a partner. I know Bicycles for Humanity is sending a container of bicycles there in 2015 and we hope others join in.