Bicycles for Humanity has traditionally been a developed world chapter model focused on providing the fit of mobility to those in the developing world, where the need for bicycles is incredible. This will always be our main focus as a movement.

With chapters sending 500 bikes in a container and generally just adult bikes, we collect so many more bikes than we ship. On an ad hoc basis, most chapters look for local groups that repair and restore bikes locally and give them to those in need locally of the gift of mobility. We encourage this, doing well locally is as important as doing good globally.

With COVID, reductions in public transportation and, the difficulty of social distancing and the reduction of traffic in many cities and the addition of more bike lanes, has greatly increased the need for good used bikes locally. To this end, we are encouraging all of our chapters to seek out great local groups and help them gather the bikes they need.

Also, if you are interested in starting a Bicycles for Humanity Chapter focused on helping get used bikes to organizations in need, we encourage you to join our movement and continue our tradition of providing the gift of mobility a bicycle provides. We hope that in time, you join our developing world focus, but helping people locally is equally important and we welcome you to join our grassroots movement. For more information, please contact