Be A Friend


As we told the story of the need for bicycles for healthcare workers in Namibia, many who listened to this story, organized and started B4H chapters to collect and fund containers of bikes to help these healthcare workers in Namibia. Others recognizing the need in other parts of Africa and the developing world organized chapters to support those communities. For 8 years we have grown by this simple viral grassroots model and it works. The B4H BEC model today is hugely successful and the SEC add on program will follow the same path. Today, we have over 50 chapters globally sending bicycles to the developing world. The problem we are now faced with is the story of our program has gotten out there and we have 400 requests from worthy groups who want to become a part of our global movement.

We need help, we simply do not have enough chapters to meet the growing need. The more we tell the story of the need for bikes to civic clubs, church’s, schools, bike shops, bike clubs, retailers and other community groups, the more we grow. People want to help others, collecting bikes and organizing collections is key and to meet the growing need, we need to tell the story of B4H and of the communities in need.

If you want to be inspired, make a difference with what time you have, be a part of real change and feel inspired, start a chapter or become a Friend of B4H by helping us tell our story and the need for mobility. As a Friend of B4H you will be provided with a:

B4H email address

B4H business card

B4H presentation in powerpoint and pdf

B4H brochure

B4H bike collection poster

If you are interested in this exciting new program and want to help make a difference no matter how much time you have, you can. We welcome everyone to our movement. Please feel free to contact Pat Montani