Developing World Partner Program



Bicycles for Humanity is a pure grassroots movement, it has no staff or overhead of any kind. We are all volunteers and what brings us together is the simple belief that a bicycle can make a difference. We also believe that  by working together as a global movement, it inspires all to   be a part of   positive global  change and skills and knowledge transfer.

B4H grows by simply telling the story of the need for mobility in the developing world , that a bicycle can provide,  and the millions of bikes we have in the developed world that are not used and end up in landfills.  It is these stories about how the bicycle can make a difference and how by working together we can make the world a better place, that inspires all globally to join our movement.

One one level, we have been extremely successful as a  pure movement, on another level, as word has spread globally, we have uncovered the incredible need for more bicycles in every developing world country. Today we have over 400 requests to join our program from  just African countries and we do not have enough chapters or bikes to meet the  need.  To  meet this incredible need,  our  chapter base will have to be grown globally. We simply do not have a large enough chapter base to meet the need. Chapters will form inspired by your story, people do not want to collect bikes for the sake of collecting them, they want to be a part of truly making a difference and engaging with you and your community.

To be a GSC “Globally Supported Community,” B4H partner, you must first adhere to the rules of B4H. To become a GSC we expect:

That you recognize the program is for people in your community and country and it is not intended for you to make a living from this. As a leader of B4H in your country or community, we expect you, like all B4H Chapters globally to do this because you want to make a difference and not as a way to reward yourself for helping others. We are after all a volunteer based movement.

We expect the bicycles to get to the people in need, if they choose to sell bikes to support community programs, school fee’s or to pay wages to mechanics, that is acceptable.

We expect that you the leader of the bicycle program will not benefit personally from this, but that all benefit stay with those implementing and delivering the program in your country or community.

That you will do your best to keep all donors informed and allow them open access to your program rollout, development and ongoing progress with monthly updates.

Once approved and an agreement has been signed outlining the program and the expectations we have than we can begin to move forward with implementation.




B4H Procedure Manual