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5 years ago Bicycles for Humanity in partnership with the local people of Karamoja decided to deliver 5,000 bicycles to the region and establish Bicycle Empowerment Centres in al the major centers there. karamoja is a place that has simply been left behind. When we arrived 4 years ago, there were no roads, no electricity and really no economy. Traditionally the people were pastoralists and after 40 years of war, they realized that they had to settle down and start a new life. Thanks to our friend Paul Sherwen who grew up in Uganda and spent time in karamoja, he convinced us to come to the region. In the 10 years since I founded Bicycles for Humanity, this area was in the greater need of mobility and bicycles

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My Story with Bikes for Humanity — Masterworks 2017: Jackson Jones

Where on Earth is my BIKE?

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B4H GA – First Shipment Evaluation Trip to Namibia (2012)