B4H Namibia/Angola


Namibia is a country of contrasts, both highly developed and very poor at the same time. Being controlled by Germany for many years, it has the infrastructure, commerce and economy of many european dominated African countries, but the local people have not had access to much of this and today are one of the poorest countries in the world. Mobility delivered by a bicycle will kickstart many local economies closing the gap and with many healthcare workers having gained access to a bicycle, our movement has done an incredible amount to stem aids and reduce poverty, while empowering women. Together with BEN Namibia we established 25 BEC’s in country to help those in need of the gift of mobility.

Bicycles for Humanity is about empowerment and a better life, it is about teamwork and together helping the people of this region take the next steps forward. Bicycles for Humanity Namibia in partnership with BEN aims to deliver 25,000 bicycles to the region over the next 5 years, through our Globally Supported Community Program.

Bicycles for Humanity Namibia and it’s partners, Multisport Africa located stratigically in Tsumeb, Namibia the heart of the region. Nigel B4H’s on the ground partner is a past Ironman world champion who together with Paula Newby Fraser, (8 times Hawaii Ironman champion and born in Rhodesia) want to make a difference in the region. A bicycle is the first step to a better life, mobility is key, but beyond that, skills development is essential. Nigel and his team have many programs in the works, all focused on building a better world for the people of the region. We encourage you to start a chapter, to step up and to become a part of the global B4H team and together with Nigel, Michael, Paula and the thousands of volunteers globally, make a difference. Please join in and help us through our Globally Supported Community program deliver 25,000 bikes to this region in the next 5 years.

For more information, download the Namibia/Angola brochure.