B4H Uganda

Bicycles for Humanity empowers many in the developing world with the gift of mobility delivered by a bicycle. Our Bicycle Empowerment Model concept, creates many jobs servicing and supporting the bicycles and we are creating an micro-economies around mobility.Karamoja is a place where time has truly stood still. After 30 years of the karamojong are now faced with a new life. Their old pastoral life is now shifting to one of living in communities. Together with Paul Sherwen and Ben Stiller and the Stiller Foundation, we plan on helping the Karamojong realize their goals of a better life. Often in the past, many NGO’s and government programs were delivered with a low success rate. The reasons were many: lack of funds, no people to execute, but the most common one was they did not involve the local Karamojong in their programs, thus making them a key partner from the start.

Our goal is to deliver 25,000 bicyles in 5 years and to set up 20 BEC’s in the region, all staffed, supported and maintained by local Karamojong. In 2011 we delivered the first 2 containers or 1,000 bikes. This year, we plan on delivering at minimum 10 containers and 5,000 bikes. In 5 years, thanks to the efforts of the B4H movement and our strong partnerships with the Karamojong, we believe that a lot of good will flow and together, we can help shape a new future for all in this region.

For more information, download the Karamoja  and the SEC Uganda brochures.