Globally Supported Communities

Globally Supported regions are areas where there are B4H teams in place and together with chapters they work to help the people in the region. GSC projects have friends of B4H and patrons and everyone is a part of the team that makes a difference within the communities. Together they help build a base of support for the region or community by bringing many people together to help that community.

B4H GSC projects insist that if B4H Chapters are covering the cost of transporting the bikes to the closest African port and donors, who have partnered with B4H, are covering inland costs and related tax’s that no group will add a margin to make a profit from the project. This insures that the locally supported community receives the bikes and is free to distribute them as they wish with any funds generated staying in the community to meet their needs.

If you or your community want to be a part of our movement and want to join our GSC program, please send an email via the form on the Contacts section of this web site.. Every community is encouraged to build their own base of patrons and friends to help tell the story of the need and to build a base of chapters to support that region.

The benefits of a GSC are: openness, full accountability to all chapters, communication back from the community partners monthly and involvement at all levels.

The more the story is told, the more support will come to the community. B4H is grassroots and therefore support grows by finding others who believe that a bicycle makes a difference and want to help.