Globally Supported Communities

Globally Supported regions are areas where there are B4H teams in place and together with chapters they work to help the people in the region. GSC projects have friends of B4H and patrons and everyone is a part of the team that makes a difference within the communities. Together they help build a base of support for the region or community by bringing many people together to help that community.

This program has been very difficult to manage in that we have no idea how much good or how many bikes are being sold by our partners in the developing world. To this end, we have shifted to a model of encouraging chapters to support programs where all bikes are given away. Support programs like Africycle in Malawi, where they operate the program as a commercial model and cover all shipping costs and taxes.

For programs in the middle where some are given away, some are sold at a reduced rate, it is up to our chapters to decide the Business arrangement with the developing world partner.

For new groups wanting bikes, we encourage you to read and understand the Bicycles for Humanity program and the importance of building a chapter base to support your community. We will help you do that, by helping you market and tell your story to potential new Chapters in the developed world to support you, but the initial Communications is up to you to make happen, we will support you. For more information on this, please contact