About B4H - Our Model

Bicycles for Humanity is a grassroots movement run by volunteers. 100% of our efforts go directly towards our goal of empowering people with bicycle mobility.

Our model is simple. Chapters provide a bike recycling services to their communities and surrounding areas in developed countries. They give these bikes a second life helping others either within their local communities and in developing countries.

Bicycles for Humanity  

When shipping bikes Chapters load 400 -500 bikes into a shipping container along with spare parts, tools and many other items that can be packed around the bikes. Typically, the shipping container is outfitted to become a a physical bike shop on the receiving end. We call this a Bicycle Empowerment Centre (BEC). Our partners receiving the container will have received training as bike mechanics and received some small business training so once the BEC arrives they can begin operating they own bike shop. Future shipments may be used to expend the centre or simply resupply the current one.    

Bicycle Empowerment Centre Bicycles for Humanity

Traditionally, chapters collect and fund the bikes to the closest African port and the in-country partners cover costs of trucking and taxes. This is important because as it helps strengthen the partnership and provides everyone a degree of ownership. Of course every program is different and that is one of B4H's strengths, being flexible and adaptable to different communities needs.

Bicycle Empowerment Bicycles for Humanity

With an estimated 10 million bicycles landing in landfills every year our potential is massive. Additionally, the need is great so we hope you consider joining our exciting, inspiring and life-changing movement.