Supported Projects - Zanzibar - Daraja Foundation

Zanzibar Bicycle Empowerment 

The Calgary and Edmonton Chapters in Alberta Canada have been sending bikes to Zanzibar since 2015 and supporting programs run by Daraja Foundation a Calgary and Zanzibar based charity. Daraja has developed a Bicycle Empowerment Centre (BEC) on the grounds of their Flo House, a residence and learning centre for you adults needing support and skill development. The BEC is run by students apprenticing to  learn bike mechanic skills. In addition to selling and repairing bikes they have establish bike rentals and bike tours. 

In 2019, Daraja partnered with OneLove and Red House in Moshi and Dar es Salaam respectively, on mainland Tanzania. They sent 400 bikes to test the waters of the fesizablity of BEC's supporting these communities. The trial was a success and we are hopeful that in 2022 both Edmonton and Victoria will support this BEC.

Bicycles for Humanity 

Contact Calgary, Edmonton or Victoria Chapters for more details and how you can help these programs.