About B4H - History

Movements begin when a group of people share common beliefs and in our case people who believe that bikes change lives.

Pat and Brenda Montani began Bicycles for Humanity in 2005 with a simple Google search, "Who needs bikes?". They quickly filled an entire container with bikes from communities in Central British Columbia, Canada and sent it to Namibia. They thought this was it but to their surprise they were flooded with interest of people wanting to start their own chapters elsewhere. 

In 2006, Steve Klassen founded B4H Thunder Bay and Seb Oran founded B4H Ottawa. In 2007, Dave Townsend founded B4H Santa Rosa and Josh Pace creating B4H Colorado. Matt McCullough and Andy Gild created B4H Melbourne the first in Oceania making us a global movement. These people along with Flavio Chan who helped turn the vision into a tangible program are the true Founders. By the end of 2021, B4H will be have sent approximately 500,000 bikes to Africa from all parts of the world. 

The loaded first container in 2005, Kelowna, BC, Canada. Pat (white t-shirt) and Brenda Montani (white cap) had no idea what they had just started.