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Empowering Communities, One Bicycle at a Time

Every year around 1.5 million bikes are sold across Australia. Half of these will end up unused or abandoned. Bicycles For Humanity (B4H) Melbourne is unlocking the value in these pre-loved bicycles.

In 2008 a small group of like-minded Melbournians established the Melbourne Chapter of B4H. B4H Melbourne facilitates the collection of bicycles in and around the Melbourne region and puts this huge resource to work to empower communities in Africa. In our almost 13 years of operation, working closely with Bicycle Empowerment Network, Namibia, we have sent over 12,000 bicycles, in 28 shipping containers, to Africa and have seen amazing side businesses develop from the initial workshops.

Our work enables a sustainable transport model which improves access to basic human needs and supports the alleviation of poverty in African communities.


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